Fire Alarm Devices Datasheets

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FireWatcher 106 Control PanelDOC-FW106 (English)
FireWatcher 122 Remote LCD AnnunciatorFireWatcher 122: DOC-FW122-UM-R1.1 (English) | FireWatcher 121: DOC-FW122-UM-R1.1 (English)
FireWatcher 971 Notification Appliance – HornDOC-FW961-FW971-FW981-UM-R1.0-1 (English)
FireWatcher W962 Multi Candela StrobeDOC-FW962,FW982-UM-R1.0 (English)
FireWatcher 962 Multi Candela Horn/StrobeDOC-FW962,FW982-UM-R1.0 (English)
FireWatcher 511 Smoke DetectorFW511-Smoke-Detector
FireWatcher 521 Intelligent Heat DetectorDOC-FW521-UM-R1.0-2-1-1
FireWatcher 721 Manual Pull StationFW721C-Manual-Station (English)
FireWatcher 811 Input ModuleFW811-INPUT-MODULE
FireWatcher 821 I/O ModuleFW821-INPUT-OUTPUT-MODULE
FireWatcher 831 Relay Module DOC-FW831-UM-R1.1
FireWatcher 951 Sync ModuleFW951-SYNC-MODULE
FireWatcher 851 Isolation ModuleFW851-ISOLATOR-MODULE