Beam Detectors

Optical Beam Smoke Detectors

The optical beam smoke detector projects a beam of light to detect smoke across large open spaces such as warehouses and act as indicators of fire. They replace standard smoke detectors in areas where it would be either too expensive to provide efficient coverage or where the height of the building would render them inefficient. VIEW FLOW CHART

Fireray One



By Fireray
Fireray One is a standalone beam detector that allows you to install it effortlessly using its Auto-Alignment feature and integrated laser. Once setup, it takes 1-3 minutes for it to align and it does so automatically. You can also take advantage of its other false alarm mitigation features like:
  • Building movement tracking
  • Dust compensation
  • Light cancellation technology
    (Fireray One can be used in buildings where there is a lot of sunlight)
  • Typical examples of applications are: Warehouses, Glass atria, Schools and universities, Convention halls and other entertainment facilities

Fireray 5000



By Fireray
The Fireray 5000 is the most convenient beam detector to use. You will be able to easily install it using the Auto-Alignment feature and integrated laser. It comes with a controller that can be mounted at the ground level, which will allow you to conduct periodic maintenance without having to rent scissor lifts or climb on ladders. The controller has an easy-to-use interface with fire testing capability that is UL-approved. You can also check error codes at the controller to determine the right plan of action in extenuating circumstances. To mitigate false alarm on your beam detection installs, Fireray 5000 is designed to compensate for environmental factors and ensures the beam stays aligned using the building movement tracking feature.
  • Typical examples of applications are: Warehouses, Schools and universities, Industrial units, machine shops and Aviation hangars.




By Fireray
Fireray 3000: is the end-to-end beam detector option that you choose in applications that are technically challenging. It comes with a separate transmitter and receiver, and a controller allowing for installations in areas where beam path is narrow. . The controller has an easy-to-use interface with fire testing capability that is UL-approved. The light cancellation technology will allow you to install it in applications where there may be significant light interference. The Fireray 3000 ExD comes with explosion proof enclosure.
  • Typical applications are: Heritage sites, Aviation hangars, Stadiums, Chemical processing and storage facilities.